• A guide to staycations – Bahrain Confidential Jul...

    Ooooh I do love a good staycation. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy an overseas jaunt as much as the next person, and am a firm believer that travelling can make you smarter, stronger and […]

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  • Divine details – Charles & Keith

    I popped into Charles & Keith at Bahrain City Centre last week to have a peek at their lovely new collection. The brand was founded in 1996 in Singapore by brothers Charles & Keith Wong […]

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    Also backless but completely work-appropriate BD26
  • Italy, you have my heart – FACT June ’17

    Italy has always had my heart. And my recent trip to the achingly beautiful Lake Como saw me leave just another little piece of it, right there. If you haven’t visited this glorious Mediterranean country […]

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    A small family-run trattoria  in Lake Como where the menu changes everyday
  • Cookery class in Lake Como

    If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the lovely Lombardy region of Italy looking for something fabulous to do – this post’s for you. It’s all about breaking the rules and cooking from the […]

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    Chef adding the fresh veges to the base
  • Stay Cool – Bahrain Confidential April ’17

    Sweaty old summer is heading right this way and short of picking up sticks and relocating to just south of Siberia, there’s absolutely NOTHING we can do about it. So my advice is to start […]

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  • An evening at Asia de Cuba

    Unless you’ve been hiding out under a large rock lately, you would have already heard about the new kid on the 338 block. It’s big, beautiful and brash, and it’s called Gallery 21. And I […]

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  • Cath Kidston’s Mickey & Minnie collection

    Have you seen who’s come to Cath Kidston? It’s none other than Disney’s most iconic characters, Mickey Mouse and his super-cute partner Minnie! The playful one-off collection pairs the Disney duo with Cath Kidston’s retro style, […]

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  • Personal Training with The Army Girl’s Guide

    I recently came out of one of the BEST short-term relationships of my life – with The Army Girl’s Guide personal trainer Sarah Honey-Lawson. For 3 weeks Sarah kept me moving and motivated, tackling her […]

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  • Trying Traditional Chinese Medicine

    I’m usually up for giving anything new a go, so when InTouch Clinic called me to experience some Traditional Chinese Medicine*, I beetled off to their Janabiya clinic without thinking twice. Dr Lee and his […]

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  • Helios – bringing the taste of modern Greece to B...

    Little parts of the world are popping up all around Bahrain at the moment – and bringing us fabulous new foods that we haven’t seen here before. One such place is the newly-opened boutique Greek […]

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    Smelly jelly


     Meh, sorry Etsy. Just not that impressed with the black Moroccan soap you sent me. Not worth the postage, and not really worth the 3 week wait. Yes, it contains Argan Oil, and is […]

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    A tasty treat

    29-Morroccan soap 1

    I’ve got a new favourite smell. It belongs to the black Moroccan soap I bought at Dessange last week. It smells so good I really want to eat it, or at least rub it all […]

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    Hot dog!

    31-Mai 2

    Mai is such a poser So Mai is looking particularly glamorous these days, after spending Saturday at her salon of choice, Pet Arabia. And, just like Mai, Pet Arabia will be celebrating its second year in […]

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    Fruity feet


    If you’re finding that your feet are becoming funkier than the disco playlist in your ipod, do try this at home. 1. Grab a container that is wide and shallow enough to soak your tootsies […]

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    Snap, crackle and pop

    39-Picture 161

    Spent a ‘bliss’ful hour or so with the lovely ladies in pink, being plucked and painted. I left the salon with my nails all spackled and summery, painted with a hot pink base and finished […]

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