Personal Training with The Army Girl’s Guide


I recently came out of one of the BEST short-term relationships of my life – with The Army Girl’s Guide personal trainer Sarah Honey-Lawson. For 3 weeks Sarah kept me moving and motivated, tackling her […]

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Food tasting at Primavera with Chef Oliver Glowig


Last Saturday was just a little a lot more special than your average lazy day. I was … seated in The Ritz-Carlton‘s “Tattoria Moderna” Primavera (my favourite Italian eatery on the island) … served by 2 Michelin starred Chef, […

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Yalla Habibi – making art accessible


I popped in to see my lovely friend Nathaly Jung last week. Nathaly is a rarity, in that everything she does, wears and says, is done with such enviable style. And her latest creative venture, Yalla […]

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