They let the dogs in! Weekender Bahrain August 2018

As a doting doggie mum, it’s hard to come up with a single funny or happy moment we’ve shared, because every minute I spend with them is full of joy. My two shihtzus April and Mai have brought so much happiness to my life, that it’s almost impossible to ever feel blue when they’re around. And even though their personalities are apples and pairs, (Mai is introverted and scared around strangers whereas April is outgoing and will dance for anyone who’ll watch), they are inseparable. But it hasn’t always been that way.

April at 8 weeks old
April always has one eye on her big sister

When Mai was about 5 years old, I decided to adopt another doggie as company for her. She was spending way too much time alone and I felt she needed a little friend. So along came April. In true puppy fashion April turned the house upside down. She stole Mai’s toys, chewed on her tail, and took weeks to potty train. Naughty April!

April is forever pinching Mai’s toys
April flying through life and Mai giving me resting bitch face (because she’s at the kennels)
Happy happy joy joy (April)

3 years down the track, April is still naughty. But she has grown to adore her big sister, following her around like a lamb. And the best part, is that Mai loves her right back.

April snoozing, Mai throwing side eye
Some pool-side chilling with the girls

As featured in The Weekender Bahrain August 31 – They let the dogs in!


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