Food, fabulous food! FACT March 2018

What foods remind you most of your childhood? Most of my mealtime memories are typically Australian, apart from the delicious lasagna (Italian) my mother made, or the Friday night fish n’ chips (British) with steamed dim sims that my father used to fetch from the local chippie.

Cheese if you please – THE best selection at Victoria Market

And here are two more, that I still can’t live without.

A sweet treat that Australia has claimed as its own – the vanilla slice

Vegemite, naturally. Growing up in Australia means growing up on this addictive savory spread, made from yeast extract and packed full of B vitamins. Vegemite was developed almost 100 years ago in Melbourne (yay!), by a very clever man named Cyril Callister. And for those of you who have never tried it, or tried it but didn’t like it, here’s some advice. Spread it thinly and evenly on your well-buttered toast, not too much now. Add some cheese, avocado or even a fried egg, and you’ll be feeling like a happy little vegemite, bright as can be.

Could this be the nation’s fave taste? Vegemite on toast.

BBQ Shapes. These cute hexagonal shaped crackers were also created in my home state of Victoria, all the way back in 1950. As a child, we only had one flavour option available – BBQ. But times have changed, even for this humble snack. The shapes now come in 16 different flavours, and over 53 millions boxes(!) are sold annually. Yum.

BBQ Shapes – you can never eat just one

Wishing you a delicious day full of your favourite foods! xx

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