Starbucks Reserve = seriously good coffee

If you like coffee, you’re going to LOVE this. Starbucks Reserve in The Avenues.
Starbucks Reserve recently opened at The Avenues and is a must-visit for coffee lovers
This beautiful brand new outlet is the 3rd of its kind in the GCC, and boasts the 2nd Starbucks Reserve Tasting Room globally (the other’s in Seattle – natch).
The Tasting Room is the perfect space to learn about the art, craft and science of coffee
Starbucks Reserve serves up 7 deliciously diverse methods of making coffee, as well offering rare and exclusive beans – setting it apart from the usual Starbucks.
Coffee beans take the flavour of farms and crops grown around them, such as nuts (Brazil), oranges (Tanzania) or spices (Asia)
The Siphon brewing method was first used in Egypt in the 1500s and brews at over 200 degrees F
The Chemex method was invented in 1941, and gives a smooth, silky blend
The highly-trained coffee masters are encouraged to connect and engage customers to find out their tastes before advising on the perfect coffee-brewing method. And yesterday, I got to try every. single. one.
The French Press allows the coffee grounds to stay in contact with water for the longest amount of time, and leaves you with a thicker, richer brew
The Pour Over doesn’t allow the grounds to come into contact with the water…
… and therefore results in a gentler java
The Black Eagle – an impressive machine that is used for the World Barista Championships
Coffee-buzz much?
Coffee pairing with scrumptious brownies and cakes – for research purposes obviously
Thanks to the fab Starbucks Reserve team for an amazing afternoon of some of the best coffees I’ve ever had. xx

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