Personal Training with The Army Girl’s Guide

I recently came out of one of the BEST short-term relationships of my life – with The Army Girl’s Guide personal trainer Sarah Honey-Lawson. For 3 weeks Sarah kept me moving and motivated, tackling her high-intensity sessions head on. I sweated and swore (a lot), but genuinely loved every bloody minute of it.

Sarah offers a range of training options, including Personal Training, Group Training and Intensive Bootcamps (image: hannah shore)

My body felt strong and sexy, and I could see real changes after only 8 sessions.

Unlike other personal trainers I’ve worked with, Sarah sweats it out alongside you, which is incredibly motivating (image: hannah shore)

Every one-hour workout was different to the last, so neither my body or brain knew what to expect next. Sarah took me right out of my comfort zone, and had me tackling the most challenging tasks head-on.  In the process, my personal fear of running, squats, burpees, jumping jacks, high knees (the list goes on…) – went right out the window.

Sarah is ex-British Army, and has spent 8 years training women to become fitter, stronger and to achieve their physical goals (image: hannah shore)

I’m determined to continue as Sarah got me started – with courage and strength, and to really push myself. Every. Single. Time.

Sarah also tailors nutritional plans to help you reach your goals (image: hannah shore)

For more information, head over to The Army Girl’s Guide, or check out her badass Insta page @thearmygirlsguide.

Thank you Sarah. You’re absolutely amazing. xx

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