Trying Traditional Chinese Medicine

I’m usually up for giving anything new a go, so when InTouch Clinic called me to experience some Traditional Chinese Medicine*, I beetled off to their Janabiya clinic without thinking twice.

Dr Lee has been in Bahrain at InTouch since September

Dr Lee and his wife Dr Chang are the only licensed TCM practitioners on the island. Both are originally Taiwanese, and trained together in China. The treatments they offer at InTouch include accupuncture, cupping and hijama. And in the interest of research (and to try to ease a nagging pain in my back), this brave bunny tried all three.

The Impulse machine works in a similar way to a chiropractor

We started with something called tapping, done with the Impulse machine that does exactly that. Slow, deep taps that readjust the spine, and relax the muscles. This was followed by a session of accupuncture. Five needles in my hand, three in my head, and a 30-minute nap.

A box of fresh accupuncture needles
I didn’t feel the needle going into my skin, and the treatment was surprisingly painless
All used accupuncture needles are disposed of carefully

My second session however, was much more intense, and things got REALLY interesting. Dr Lee started with cupping. Specially-designed plastic cups are placed strategically on the body to create suction. Skin, tissues and muscles are pulled upwards, increasing circulation, relieving pain and removing toxins.

Cupping kits can be purchased from InTouch for BD8, and the doctors will teach you how to use it at home
One of the cups with the suction thingy attached
The cups are placed on different parts of the back depending on your condition

This was followed by hijama. And if the sight of blood bothers you – DONT SCROLL ANY FURTHER!

For your viewing pleasure – a basket full o’ cuteness (image – Pinterest)

Hijama releases small amounts of blood within cups, following several small pin pricks (or “taps”) in the skin. It’s said to offer a multitude of benefits, including purifying the blood by removing dead blood cells, strengthening the immune system and increasing cellular activity. It wasn’t painful, and once the cups were removed the bleeding completely stopped.

Hijama should always be done by a medical professional in a sterile environment – never in a salon or at home

My cupping and hijama was followed by another 30-minute round of accupuncture. I left the clinic feeling completely refreshed, the pain in my back had lessened, and my curiosity satisfied. The prices for Dr Lee and Dr Chang’s treatments are – initial consultation BD40, follow up BD30, Cupping BD20 and follow up BD10, and Hijama is BD30.

Thank you Dr Lee and InTouch! xx

*my treatments were complimentary

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