TKD – and 10 top tips for buying a bra

My visit to TKD aka The Knicker Drawer on Monday was a complete learning curve. I mean, who would have thought I still had so much to learn about an item of clothing I’ve worn almost every day of my adult life? But thanks to Store Manager Bridgit, I left the A’ali Mall lingerie store fully fitted out – as well as lifted, separated AND schooled.

The lovely TKD ladies – Bridgit and Joy
The gorgeous Curvy Kate range specialises in sizes D-K cup bras in matching sets
The comfy sitting area outside the fitting rooms
TKD’s cotton robes for customers to wear between fittings

And here is Bridgit’s advice for choosing and caring for your bras…

How to buy your bra

  • Don’t rely on a tape measure when being fitted, for the perfect fit try on the actual bra instead.
  • 80% of your bra’s support comes from the back band, so it needs to fit firmly.
  • The shoulder straps should lift you, but don’t give much support, so there’s no need for them to be too tight. You should be able to fit one finger under the straps comfortably.
  • The underwire should sit flat against your body – under the arms, as well as under and between the breasts.
  • A bra that fits well will make your body and boosies ☹️ look smaller. It will also lift the girls off the waistline and enhance your silhouette.
  • Darker-coloured bras are smaller than lighter-coloured bras as the dye shrinks the fabric, so don’t buy both in the same size without first trying them on.
  • Strapless bras need to have a thick band for support, and be extra firm around the body to stay up properly.
  • Bra shopping is all about comfort and confidence. There’s no use buying an expensive bra that just sits in your knicker drawer.
The award-winning flat-seamed Panache Sports Bra sells for BD31
The Panache Sports Bra in Odyssey Print – designed in the Rio Olympic 2016 colours

Putting your bra on

  • Resist the urge to twist and swivel! Hooking up your bra at the front and spinning it around to the back shifts the underwire. Instead put your bra on with cups at the front, and reach back to do it up.

Washing your bra

  • Always hand wash your bras. Machine washing twists the the underwire, even if washed in a bra bag.
My lovely new TKD bras

Bridgit sent me home with two beautiful new bras – a super smooth the-only-thing-to-bounce-is-the-ball Panache Sports in grey and lilac, and a Cleo Strapless that doesn’t flatten the girls. Both super-comfy, and supportive. Exactly as all of our bras should be, but often aren’t.

Panache Sport has wide padded straps and silicone wrapped wires for extra comfort
And features an optional j-hook for added support and style
My new Cleo bra with the wide back band required for strapless
And is made from luxe stretch microfibre

Thank you to Bridgit and TKD! xx

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