La Laque Gel by Bourjois

My love affair with shellac was passionate and short-lived, and like many of the most memorable trysts, ended in tears. After 2 months of the longest, glossiest, sexiest nails a girl could dream of, I was left with nails that resembled 10 teeny tiny post-it notes. In size, and strength. So after giving my paper-thin nails a lengthy break, I was pretty keen┬áto try La Laque Gel* by Bourjois – a new 2-step formula that promises up to 15 days of radiant colour and shine.

The gel comes in 12 different shades as well as a clear top coat

And so far I’m really quite impressed. The 2-step polish is easy to apply, and sets quickly. Unlike most regular polishes, the glossy finish lasts.

Day 6 of my manicure and only two tiny chips that can be easily repaired

One week after application and my nails still look good. That never happens with regular polish, even when professionally applied. La Laque is easily removed with any nail polish remover, and best of all, doesn’t damage your nails.┬áMuch love, xxx

* press sample

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