Teeth Whitening at Ceram Dental Center

Have you seen that episode of Friends when Ross gets his teeth whitened? If you haven’t, you should, it’s a classic. If you have, well that’s kind of what I look like after my trip to Ceram Dental Center last weekend.* And I feel like a million bucks. 🙂

Cosmetic & Implant Specialist and Managing Director of Ceram, Dr Haidar Hamdi Al-Fayadh

The first stage in the process was to have a super high-tech panoramic x-ray. Stand here, look there, bite this…and whoosh.

The panoramic x-ray sweeps around the head to grab a view of all of your teeth

Then off to the dentist chair, where Dr Haidar placed the x-ray on the screen in front of me, and together we examined each tooth (and root) in detail.

My x-ray resembled something out of a horror movie, but was compelling viewing

Happy with the state of my teeth, Dr Haidar gave them a thorough clean and polish, using the Airflow cleaning technique. This sprays a strong mixture of water, compressed air and fine particle powder, and is far superior to the traditional cleaning techniques.

Getting a good clean


Channeling Jane Fonda in Barbarella circa 1968
The Airflow cleaning machine with stain removal agent
The Airflow in action – painfree, thorough and super-fast

Sparking clean and polished to perfection, Dr Haidar checked the colour of my teeth pre-whitening, and found them to be A1.

Dr Haidar checked my teeth in both daylight and artificial light

Then came the FUN part. Dr Haidar squeezed the big blue mouth opener into my mouth, and packed cotton around the edges.

Kind of freaky-looking, but really quite comfortable once in

He then carefully applied Liquidam onto my gums to protect them from the laser, before switching on that bright blue light…

Liquidam goes on soft, then hardens and peels off once finished


The Phillips Advanced Power Zoom 4



The actual bleaching sessions are only 15 minutes long, and Dr Haidar gave me 3 in total. Between each, my teeth were checked, and Zoom Whitening Gel applied onto them.

Chillin’ like a villain

The 90’s sci-fi movie I’d chosen to watch helped me to relax and take my mind off the proceedings. Kyle the dental assistant stayed with me throughout, and was a lovely calm presence in the room.



The hardened Liquidam being peeled off my gums

A few things surprised my about the whole process…

  1. The laser sessions were actually quite relaxing.
  2. My jaw didn’t get sore. The mouth opener does all the work, and holds it open for you – unlike other dental procedures.
  3. I had almost zero sensitivity. Dr Haidar had given me aftercare gel to apply in case of pain, but I didn’t need to use it.
  4. My teeth responded beautifully, ending up 4 shades lighter at BL2. This is a cosmetic shade that doesn’t occur naturally in teeth.
  5. 90’s sci-fi movies aren’t so bad after all! 🙂
My gorgeously-white BL2 teeth!


Teeth Whitening at Ceram costs BD200 but a discount is available through @ekouponer. Contact the center for more details.

Ceram Dental Center can be contacted on 17131123. A great big thank you to the lovely Ceram team xxx

*My whitening treatment was provided courtesy of Ceram Dental Center.

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