50% off April Detox with Health Coach Daniela Rosu

Spring has sprung, and we all know what that means. Time to cleanse and detox. Rid your beautiful self of extra junk, in both life, and trunk. But old habits can be hard to break, and new ones even harder to stick to. And this is where Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Daniela Rosu can help.


Whether you want to lose weight, reduce cravings, de-stress, or increase energy levels, Daniela is there to support you. The program starts with a one-hour consultation, and 2 fifty-minute sessions per month thereafter. These are complemented by emails and newsletters with recipes, information and tips to keep you on track.


My confidential one-hour consultation with softly-spoken Daniela was quite a personal revelation, completely non-judgmental, and fabulously relaxing. I mean, when was the last time you were given the chance to talk about your mental and physical health for a whole hour?

And now for the good part. 🙂 Daniela is offering her 12 Day Total Detox for 50% off. Normally priced at BD300, readers of Blonde in Bahrain can avail the detox programme for only BD150. 



To contact Daniela directly, please email her at daniela@allinallhealth.com. Happy spring beautiful people! xxx

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