Yalla Habibi – making art accessible

I popped in to see my lovely friend Nathaly Jung last week. Nathaly is a rarity, in that everything she does, wears and says, is done with such enviable style. And her latest creative venture, Yalla Habibi, is no exception.

Nathaly’s passions include art, design, fashion and culture

Yalla Habibi is all about bringing art into our homes, and onto our sofas. With cushions that each tell their own sweet story through ornate embroidery and glorious colour.

The cushions combine traditional hand-woven textiles with locally sourced fabrics

And to be honest, I’m not really sure which one I love the most.

The obvious choice would be Virginie Dreyer’s TeenyTinyOm Collection. These cushions feature the cutie-pie yogi that makes you go ‘awwwww’. The very same yogi I have hanging above my bed, in prints that remind me to be present and aware. Excellent advice for us all.

Virginie’s Teeny Tiny Om yogi is at once wise and adorable

But then again I’m also rather partial to the strong geometric shapes of the calligraphy cushions. Artwork by local designer Reem Al Orrayed, calligraphy in Kufi. The oldest form of Arabic script that dates from the 7th century. Almost too beautiful to sit on.

Kufi calligraphy takes its name from Kufa, Iraq, where it was first developed

And then there’s the Mohamed Sharkawy Collection. The solid blocks of flat colour and simple heartwarming images created by the artist, transfer just perfectly into cushion form. His thobed figures hovering over a 4-humped camel resemble angels in flight. Angels at my back? Yes, this has to be my favourite. 🙂

Sharkawy’s images are childlike in their simplicity, and communicate the fundamentals of life

Nathaly also creates couture caftans to order. For more information, please contact Nathaly though her site.

One of the gorgeous caftans Nathaly has created, displayed at Words Bookstore Cafe

Thank you dear Nathaly xxx.

Images by Virginie Dreyer.

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