For the love of beauty

“Do what you love and success will follow”. And Sheikha AlAnood Al Khalifa, owner of Gloss Salon and Spa is a perfect example of this. Her busy salon is small but perfectly formed, and has become the go-to place for statement do’s, quality treatments, and the very latest products.

The articles feature tested products, that readers may not have previously known about

More recently, AlAnood has been contributing to the Daily Tribune, with a bi-monthly column that focuses on her favourite beauty products. What I love most about this column is that it introduces and recommends products that are tried and tested, and only featured because they have truly earned their place there. Products such as Charlotte Tilbury‘s makeup range, and Sarah Chapman‘s Face Mitts. The articles can also be found online, in the Daily Tribune’s e-paper.

A selection of Sarah Chapman products. Image borrowed from

Rightio, off to do a little more online shopping now, Sarah Chapman‘s Face Mitts are calling my name! Muwah xxx

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