More is more!

Some things in life are best – BIG. Aside from the obvious, think coffee cups (my favourite is more like a bucket), think beds (nothing better than stretching out and finding new cold spots), think hair. And nobody does big hair like Nabil…….

Gloss hair stylist Nabil Ghanem has become my go-to guy for special event hair
Quick! Get this diva to the disco – now!
Soft and romantic, kind of like me 😉

But the brief isn’t always ‘big’. Sometimes it’s ‘1 messy updo to go please’.

It was a jeans and white shirt kind of day, so I asked for something stylish but casual
The back of my casual updo (and a little of lovely Sara from The Modest Belle)

Sometimes it’s ‘elegant updo’.

This was for high tea, so had to be lady-like and elegant
All kinds of beauty going on right there

Whatever way he sends me out of the salon and into the world, I always go with a whole lotta love put into my locks. And it shows.

Thank you Nabil! xxx

*My hair styles were courtesy of Gloss Salon and Spa

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