Beautifying your brushes

Makeup Artist Jennifer Perrin just loves her brushes. And you can tell by the way she can transform a pair of eyes, a nose and some lips into complete works of art, that her brushes love her right back!

Some of Jennifer’s brushes are old. Like really old. As in 18 years old. And they look as good as this.

So Jennifer’s obviously doing something right. Having recently invested in a number of these bushy babies myself, I thought I should find out exactly what that is.

You’ll need…
-a bottle of brush cleanser (Mac makes a great one that sells for BD7.500)
-an empty squirt bottle (this one was about 700fils from Dasman Centre)
-baby shampoo
-paper towels or tissues
-body lotion or hand cream

Before you do anything else…
grab your empty squirt bottle, and pour some of your brush cleanser into it. It’s a much more economical way to use your cleanser.

After you use your brush…
put one or two squirts of cleanser onto the hand towel. Wipe your brush in the direction of the hair until it’s clean.

Once a month…
pour a little baby shampoo into the palm of your hand. Wet the hair, and again wipe the brush clean in the same direction as the hair. Don’t ‘smoosh’ it into your palm. Repeat until it’s completely clean. Be careful not to get the wooden handle wet.

Put a thin film of hand cream onto your fingers and warm it up. Reshape the brush by squeezing it between your fingers. This will prevent the hair in your brushes from drying out. Do this while the hair is still damp.

To dry, lay the brushes out on a clean hand towel, and wait. Don’t dry with a hair dryer (mum I hope you’re reading this!).

Thanks a million Jen, you’re a star! xx

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