How to kiss a cupcake

A glorious morning at Tara’s became even more so when Kissable Kitchen’s Michel Jayne arrived with a box full of freshly-baked assorted cupcakes.

And from then on, there was a whole lotta kissing going on – cupcake kissing that is!

Just feast your eyes on these little beauties.

Did we really have any choice?

Now these cupcakes are quite different to your average baked bun.

They’re made from real flowers, which have been organically grown and contain medicinal properties.

With that in mind, we savoured the Strawberry Kiss…

rejoiced in the Jasmine… 

and all agreed that the Green Tea and Chocolate was gorgeous,

while Rakan looked lovingly at the Lavender and Chocolate.

And then I made the most of the Mocha, by stashing one away to sneak home with me. It’s still waiting for me in the fridge…but not for long!

Thanks so much girls, let’s do it again soon. xx

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