Snap, crackle and pop

Spent a ‘bliss’ful hour or so with the lovely ladies in pink, being plucked and painted. I left the salon with my nails all spackled and summery, painted with a hot pink base and finished in white crackle glaze. I counted 7 different shades of crackle glaze on the shelf, along with a multitude of base colours. The colour combinations are endless, limited only by your taste (and probably skin tone). I’ve noticed that the crackle effect tends to last about twice as long as regular polish alone, making it a really good option if you are –
a. travelling to a destination sans salon (I hope it’s worth it) or
b. too busy or lazy to go to the salon as often as you really should! 

It’s really hard to take a decent photo of your
own hand so you’re only getting my thumb 🙂

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