Fruity feet

If you’re finding that your feet are becoming funkier than the disco playlist in your ipod, do try this at home.

1. Grab a container that is wide and shallow enough to soak your tootsies in.
2. Pop the kettle on and brew up a good strong one, using 4-5 teabags (no  milk, no sugar!).
3. Pour your ‘feet tea’ into the container, and add a few litres of warm water.
4. Make a cuppa for yourself, and relax for 30 minutes with your feet immersed in the warm brew.

The tannins in black tea act as astringents, and kill the bacteria which can cause sweaty, smelly feet. Try doing this every night for a week, and you can look forward to having the sweetest feet for the next month or so. You’ll also have a really good excuse to lounge around on the couch for an extra half hour everyday – for a whole week!

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